The article about tne most popular Facebook groups and communities for cross stitchers. Share your works and ask advice

15 Must-Join Facebook communities for cross stitchers

Hey there, fellow cross-stitch enthusiasts! If you’ve ever found yourself tangled in a web of floss or lost in a sea of colorful fabric, you know the joy and satisfaction that comes with creating beautiful cross-stitch art. But did you know that the journey becomes even more enjoyable when you join the vibrant world of Facebook communities dedicated to cross stitch? Trust me, it’s like finding a treasure chest of inspiration, advice, and virtual stitching buddies.

Why Cross-Stitch Artists Join Facebook Communities?

Sharing the Love: One of the primary reasons cross-stitch artists flock to Facebook communities is to share their passion. These groups provide a welcoming space where members can proudly showcase their finished projects, works in progress, and even the occasional “Oops, I stitched it backward” moments.

Seeking Advice and Guidance: We all know that feeling when you’re stuck on a tricky pattern or unsure about color choices. Facebook communities for cross stitchers are like a virtual stitching support group. Members readily offer advice, share their own experiences, and provide valuable insights to help you overcome any stitching hurdles.

Show and Tell: Who doesn’t love a good show-and-tell? In these groups, members eagerly share their latest masterpieces, discuss the stories behind their projects, and celebrate each other’s achievements. It’s a positive and encouraging environment that fuels the passion for cross stitching.

Unveiling the Latest Trends: In Facebook communities, designers unveil fresh cross-stitch charts. Stay updated on all the latest releases and discover the trending designs that stitchers are embracing.

Top 15 Facebook cross stitch communities

So, whether you’re a cross-stitch veteran or just picking up your first needle and thread, these Facebook communities are the perfect place to connect, learn, and revel in the joy of stitching. Many of these Facebook communities are closed groups, requiring a brief survey before the moderator approves membership. Don’t worry, this is to prevent spammers and bots from joining, ensuring vibrant discussions among real people.

Cross stitch unlimited

Members: 80.9


This group is a welcoming space for those passionate about cross-stitch, fostering a community free from discussions on politics, religion, or violence. Embrace the love for our craft and join fellow enthusiasts in sharing creativity and inspiration.

Cross stitch addicts

Members: 36.0


A group for the cross stitch addicts out there. This is a friendly group of stitchers, from beginners just starting out, to advanced stitchers who have been stitching 45+ years.

Embroidery, Cross-stitch and needlepoint

Members: 78.0 thousands


This group is perfect for everyone, whether you’re just starting, still learning, or a seasoned pro in the world of needlework. Embrace your love for all forms of needlework in this inclusive community that celebrates creativity and learning.

Goth stitch

Members: 32.5 thousands


For goths who stitch, or those who stitch goth!
Any kind of stitching not just cross stitch. Crochet, knitting, sewing etc all have a home here 🖤🌈

Cross stitch madness

Members: 26.7 thousands


A relaxed group to discuss cross stitch or sell cross stitch items.

Cross Stitch Club

Members: 14,1 thousands


This club is tailored for individuals passionate about cross stitch. Members are encouraged to discuss their ongoing or finished projects, exchange ideas, and share their experiences. The addiction to cross stitch is real, and the sense of accomplishment upon completing a project is incomparable – a sentiment only fellow cross-stitchers truly understand and appreciate.

Crazy about Cross Stitch

Members: 14.4 thousands


This page is dedicated to discussions about cross stitching, offering mutual assistance with queries or challenges, and showcasing finished kits.

I cross stitch and I’m not ashamed of it

Members: 19.2 thousands


Welcome to the group! Members are invited to share their current projects, post pictures, initiate conversations about their ongoing work, discuss crafting challenges, or ask any stitching-related questions. The group aims to create a supportive and engaging space for all things needlework.

Cross Stitch Patterns

Members: 158.8 thousands


Looking for new patterns? This group is a treasure trove of pattern swapping, allowing members to exchange designs and discover fresh inspirations.

Counted Cross Stitch Lovers

Members: 16.2 thousands


For anyone who loves to do counted cross stitch. Who would likes to share their WIPS, tips, or finished projects.

Cross Stitching And Embroidery Room

Members: 3.6 thousands


This is a drama free, friendly positive group of people that share same interests of creating unique pieces of art. Here you are able to share your WIPs, ideas, completed projects, ideas. You are more than welcome to start a discussion or conversation about what you are currently working on, share pictures and videos. Meet other people and become friends.

Cross stitch i love it

Members: 3.7 thousands


This group is all about having a friendly chat, making new friends, sharing laughs, and showcasing your latest needlework projects. Feel free to swap or sell any cross-stitch items you no longer need – someone else might treasure them! Let’s engage in polite and friendly conversations, make this group amazing, and keep each other updated on our works in progress or finished pieces. If you’re on the lookout for something specific, just post about it, and we’ll see if any of us can help!

Cross Stitch Lovers

Members: 30.1 thousands


Looking for new patterns? This group is a treasure trove of pattern swapping, allowing members to exchange designs and discover fresh inspirations.

Nerdy Cross Stitch Appreciation Society

Members: 15.9 thousands


Cross Stitch is for everyone! This is a group for those who appreciate the niche, alternative and little advertised field of nerdy and pop culture cross stitch. Excelsior!

The world of cross stitching

Members: 21.1 thousands


Join this friendly space to engage in casual conversations with other cross-stitchers. Share tips, tricks, and anecdotes about your stitching adventures.

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